Thursday, January 31, 2008


     THE 3rd LAYER  is painting the colors over the shadows.  And now we move on to THE 4TH LAYER which is : determining the direction of the SUN light.  If the sun light is  coming from the right side of the painting.   Than make that side of everything lighter.  And the opposite side darker.  This another way in which  you put light in the painting.  
     Next we start with THE 5TH LAYER.  The 5th layer is THE FLOURESCENT  paint.  This will light up when the black light is on..  FLOURESCENT PAINT is amost always a little thin.  Doesn't make a good painting without the paint underneath.  But it really can lite up any painting.    
     Above we have 3 examples: 1. On the left we have a landscape painting;        
 2. On the right we have a  beautiful painting color copied on  clothe.  I painted over it with FLOURESCENT PAINT and  FLOURESCENT CRAYONS ( reg, box of 120 Crayons )                      3. We have color copies on clothe ( 4ft. by 8ft. ) which have in the background ,which have been overpainted with  FLOURESCENT PAINT; FLOURESCENT CRAYONS;  and  INVISIBLE GLOW PAINT, CRAYONS, AND CHALK.    

       Here we can see the second "LAYER " compared with the first layer of  black shadows.  As you can see , we have painted over the black  shadows in the mountains with brown etc, paint. We painted the mountains first because we are painting "FROM THE  BACK TO THE FRONT".
And the mountains are the furtherest back after painting the sky.  Next we paint different colors of  green and yellow over the trees.   After that we paint different colors of dark blue and green in the water ( I always mix   DARK "'THELO BLUE" and DARK "THELO GREEN".   This always makes beautiful water when you give a slight tough of white while still wet.  
      Notice, I said DARK GREEN, DARK BLUE,  and the darker the better. The green I use almost looks black coming out of the tube.  GREAT !  that is what you want.  Why ?
       The last layer will be "FLOURESCENT PAINT", "NEON-PAINT" , AND "INVISIBLE GLOW PAINT."  

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


     Here, we have the first layer, the shadows painted underneath :  there is black irregular shadows on the mountains,  irregular patchwork shadows on the trees (bottom of mountains) ;  there are irregular patchwork shadows on the dirt hills ( left side and right side ) ; And there are shadows in the water ( bottom center ).   
     This layer must dry completely or it will mix with the next layer of paint and just make a muddy mess. And you will not have depth in your finished painting. 
     One of the main things in a beautiful painting is  ;" LIGHT IN THE PAINTING ".   And this problem of shadows underneath in very important.  In the middle ages,  artist used to start out with a black canvass instead of a white canvass.  And  NOW with the use of  florescent paint, neon paint, and glow paint we will have light in the painting like never before .   The FIRST  layerto having "LIGHT IN THE PAINTING"  is putting the shadows underneath..   The LAST layer  is "FLOURESCENT PAINT "   and  "INVISIBLE PAINT" & "GLOW PAINT."  
                                                   CONTINUED TOMORROW :

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


    Now that we have the right paint, the right brushes , and a great painting to copy from.  Let's begin.      A great artist friend of mine told me 40 years ago, " if you want to learn how to paint, start by copying a painting you like.  As you do you will notice a lot of important things the artist did in his painting.   ( It is usually a bad idea to try a paint from a photograph.)  You can't learn from the artist style of painting.   
     After doing several of these,  then you can do a composite painting : you take the sky from one painting, the mountains from a different painting, and the river from again a different painting.  And you may even make some changes of your own.  You  are copying, but not just copying; .. you are employing some creative license.   The new painting is very different from the ones you were copying from.  The painting above is a composite with creative license .   And it is amazing the pastor agreed that ," THE COPY WAS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL PICTURE."  Now  that is the result you want to get.     
     1. You use a pencil to draw the main dividing lines, draw the mountains lightly,  that separates the sky from the land;  then draw the trees  line lightly, that separates the mountains from the bottom of the valley, then draw the water line and /or waterfall.   That separates the trees and land from the water.  
      2.  Now you paint the shadows underneath by carefully painting black shadow on every thing but the sky.   You paint an irregular pattern of shadows on the mountain outline, (remember nature is a master of irregularity ) DON'T PAINT THEM SOLID BLACK !  Paint an patch work of irregular shapes.   Now paint irregular patches where the trees are, and paint irregular   black patterns in the water.  
     3. Now that we have this layer completely dry,  we can paint the next layer. ( If you paint over the black while it is wet,  then it will mix with the next layer of paint and instead of a shadow  underneath you will have a muddy mess. )  And your painting will not have the depth that you need to have a beautiful picture.   If you use oil instead of ACRYLIC  you will have to wait days or weeks for the black to dry.  
     4. Now that the black paint layer is dry, you paint from back to front.  The furthest  thing  in the back of you picture is the sky.  So you paint it first.  Again we need an irregular pattern of blue and white clouds .  It is better to use a lot of different colors of blue.  Remember nature is a master of different colors and shapes.   Make all the trees different shapes and make all the clouds different shapes and  different colors of blue and white.   Be sure to  feather them together so that the colors flow from one to the other.   Do the sky quickly,  don't spend too much time on it.  Then leave it alone.  That is what a commercial artist told me one day.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


     Like most things , there is the easy way, and there is the hard way.   Over the years I have learns some very important short cuts that make dramatic paintings quicker and easier to paint: 
      1. After you have drawn out the main things, mountains, waterfall , etc., then you paint the black shows underneath using black ACRYLIC PAINT  ---NOT  OIL PAINT.   ACRYLIC  paints dry in about 30 min. but OIL takes days and weeks to dry. In order to have a beautiful painting you have to paint in layers.  The first layer is the black shadows underneath.  This must dry before you can paint the next layer.  
     2.Next, you'll need a good set of cheap brushes.  The white tipped stiff brushes work well for me. And you'll need a cheap 1 inch paint brush from Wal-Mart  etc.    
      3. Then buy some cheap artist acrylic paints.   Buy the ones on sale.  
      4. NOW, you'll need to buy some 'FLORESCENT PAINT' only available in the craft section of Wal-Mart: a set of 5 diff. colors of TULIP fabric paint cost about $ 5.00.  Make sure it is the NEON-PAINT... and says FLUORESCENT on the tubes.  
      5. And you'll also need some invisible paint.  These are the GLOW IN THE DARK fabric paints also found in the Wal-Mart craft section.   The white dries clear and is invisible with white light.  You paint with a black light  on , so you can see what you are painting.   The painting above has an invisible picture in it.  There are 3 crosses on the mountain when the black light is on.   And the trees and water glows in the dark.
       6.In order to paint invisible paintings with a dark background you need : '' CLEAR -NEON' 
a blacklight Fluorescent clearcoat :by Clearneon Inc.. Witchita, Kansas  .
       7. I also use "FLORESCENT CRAYONS"  found in a regular box of 96 or 120 crayons .  The smaller boxes have no Flourescent crayons in them.  They have some colors like  " Florescent BROWN " only in the crayons.   I used these when I over paint a painting on clothe.   I give one of these paintings away every week as a promotion to who ever brings the most visitors to the meetings.  
        So welcome, to the exciting world of painting INVISIBLE PAINTINGS..  
       We will continue tomorrow !!   

Saturday, January 26, 2008

art-how to paint & chalk-art

ART- HOW TO PAINT & CHALK-ART--3D--BLACK LIGHT-using: colored paint, florescent paint, and invisible paint; colored, florescent,invisible chalks


                                                                                THIS IS ANOTHER 10FT. BY 20 FT.  MURAL      
   WECOME , TO THE EXCITING WORLD OF ART.  Doing art projects can be a very satisfying hobby.   And it can be a wonderful  and fun source of extra  income.   It can also be very therapeutic.  There is something about doing art projects, that it completely absorbs your attention and you completely forget about your problems.  Everyone needs that some times.
    Most people say ,"I just don't have any art ability."   But what they don't realizes is that it is 90% perspiration  and about 10% talent.  I believe that just about anyone can learn to paint reasonably well.  If  you learn a few basics, you can do some really beautiful work.  I teach art classes several times a year  in high schools and colleges.  And it is amazing what some of these kids can do.  They really surprised themselves and their parents just can't believe it.   
     When it comes to painting,  most people don't realize that the art paint itself is unique.  The art paint is not like house paint at all.  The art paint has a unique quality about it,  that any would be artist who puts it on the canvass half right will have a beautiful painting.  It's not your great ability in many cases ,  it is the paint's unique quality.   So there is a lot of hope for you.  
     I remember as a teenager , my grandmother had an older friend who painted these beautiful  landscape paintings.   I said to myself, "How does she do such beautiful paintings?  She doesn't seem very smart.  And she doesn't seem  to be a very talented person. How does she do it?"  Well, now I know !  She learned a few basic things about painting and she worked at it.  And the unique quality of these art paints did the rest.  Her painting were just beautiful !!  


(Because we will use: colored paint, FLORESCENT PAINT, and INVISIBLE PAINT;
                 we will also use: colored chalk, FLORESCENT CHALK , and INVISIBLE CHALK )   

With the use of a $ 9.00 black light (only available at Wal-Mart)  you can draw and paint INVISIBLE paintings.   This is really exciting.  Beautiful pictures ,  and they can glow in the dark .  And you can have an invisible picture appear as well when you turn on your $9.00 black light.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guns are a good thing if you have one...

       While we were in Guatemala, we learned that guns are a good thing if you have one.   We have an American friend who lived next door to us in Guatemala city.   One day about noon a robber jumped over her 8 foot fence.  She came out of their trailer  with a hand gun and told him to please just jump back over the  fence and get out of her yard.   The robber said no he would not.  (I guess he thought the dumb American woman didn't know how to use the pistol .  He was wrong.)   So our friend took a shot at the ground very near him.  And he changed his mind real fast and jumped back over the fence.   
     I remember one night,  some one was breaking into someone's house, and all of the sudden I heard a gun shot.  So the friend who was visiting us and I   ran into the street to see what was going on.  Boy, what a sight !   All my nice neighbors,   who were so prim and proper ,  came running into the street armed to the teeth.  I've never seen so many guns.   
     I believe if you take all the guns away,  then only the criminals will have guns.  And that is a bad situation.   
     We have a friend who was going to show a movie in a church in Guatemala city one night.  He asked a passer by how to get to the subdivision :" 5th of JUNE".   The person said," Oh, you can't go there . That a very dangerous place."    "Yes," he said , "I am suppose to show a movie there tonight."   Next, he asked a policeman how to get to  this subdivision.  Again the policeman told him he shouldn't go there because it was a very dangerous place.  Finally, he arrived at the subdivision.   After being warned two times he felt it best to carefully walk to the church before taking his movie projector etc.   As he walked down a dark ally,  he heard a man step out behind him .  And then another man step out in front of him and was coming toward him  .  He thought this is bad , I am surrounded.  Now he could hear the man behind him running toward him.  So he turned around just in time to prevent the man from hitting him in the head.   He ran back up the ally and turned and took one shot in the air to discourage any future attacks.  The shot in the air  was good enough to prevent any more problems.   A gun is a good thing if you are the one who has it. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


     People who knew me as a child find it amazing that I have attended 12 universities and colleges.  And that I have earned 5 post graduate degrees : 2 master degrees and 3 doctorates.  I have a Master of Arts, and a Master of Divinity.  And I earned a Ph.D. in General Education, a Th.D. in religion, and Doctor of Divinity. 
     That is amazing because as a child I was a very poor student.  I failed the 4th grade and had to repeat it (  it was learned later that I could not see, I needed eye glasses badly).  My mother was so distressed that she had me tested to see what was wrong.  They told her that (1) I needed glasses, and (2) I was above normal intelligence, I just wasn't motivated to study.  I was just goofing off .   I was lazy when it came to studying.   I just barely passed the 12th grade and graduated.   
     So how did this dismal picture change so radically.  Well, first at the age of 19 I got saved and my whole motivation was radically changed.  Now I wanted to accomplish something with my life.  So I now went to Bob Jones University to study to be a missionary.  That required studying foreign languages.  I had a terrible time with the first test in Greek.  And when I went to Costa Rica to study Spanish for the first time I thought I never would make it.   I wish someone would have told me some of the things I am now going to tell you.  
     Most American are afraid of studying a foreign language.  Why ?   Because they do not understand this mystery we call "languages".    Most American think  that they have to memorize the dictionary of  that language.  And that is completely wrong.   
     There are 2 basic kinds of skills. There are cognitive skills and practice skills.   Cognitive skills are brain learning things like : math, chemistry, and physics.   These are things you learn in your head.   Then there are "practice skills".  These are things you have to physically practice in order to learn them.  Ridding a bicycle is a practice skill.   You can memorize all the books ever written about bicycles and you will never be able to ride one until you physically practice.  It is not a cognitive skill , it is a practice skill.   There are a lot of book written about playing the piano but until you physically  practice  you will never be able to play the piano.  
    Most Americans think that learning a language is something you memorize in you head.
That concept in completely wrong. No Americans learned English as a baby that way.   As a baby you heard sound related to physical actions and then you physically practiced what you heard.  And in about 2 years you started to be able to talk.   
      While we were in language school in Costa Rica,  my wife always did the written parts of Spanish better.  Bu I speak better Spanish than she does.  Why ?  because I was always out talking to people and physically practicing .  
     It takes about 12 months of living in a culture,  that requires you to physically practice a particular language ,  in order to learn to speak that language.   
     I personally recommend the language school in Costa Rica for Spanish.  If you go there and stay the whole 12 months you will learn Spanish.  It also requires time.   The first 3 months I said,"  I just can,t remember these words.  After 6 months I said, "I just can't remember these words" .   "If I don't do any better the last 6 months that I did the first 6 months  than I am wasting my time and money."  ( And right here many make the big mistake of quitting).   But it takes 12  months of training your ears to physically hear the sounds.  And 12 months of teaching your mouth to physically reproduce those sounds, in order to learn that language." )   It takes a certain amount of time to get it.  It took several years as a baby to learn English.  Always remember that it is a practice skill.  I am sure this will help you. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Guatemala- volcanos- the gate to hell some say -communist try a take over-

     After we left Honduras we went to Guatemala city.   This city in Central America is 4,000 feet in the mountains of the country of Guatemala.  It has a perfect climate of 65 to 75 degrees almost year round.  We loved living in Guatemala.   We were able to rent a house that had 10 bedrooms and 5 bath rooms for only  $ 300 a month .  It is the only time we had a house big enough for all my books,  gospel magic, and our 3 kids etc.  The city of Guatemala is surrounded by volcanos.   They have the water volcano, the smoking volcano, and the fire volcano.  You can actually see the fire coming out of the fire volcano as you drive around  the city on the freeway.   The local people say that Guatemala is , " the gate to hell" that is why they have all these volcanos.  
     While we were there a lot of strange things happened.   First the communist tried to take over the country by force.   They communist had  small groups  agitating everywhere in the country. 
      We had a friend named Larry Boggs who was a missionary working with some people way out in the mountains.  I told him one time that he had better move into the city where it was safer.  But he said that everybody knew him, and that he wasn't involved in any of the political stuff.  Boy, was he wrong.   He had some friends visiting from the U.S.A.   One night he saw somebody in the bushes in  his front yard .  It looked like kids playing hide and seek.  So he went outside and got down in the bushes and asked them what they were doing.  All of the sudden the man in the bushes put a machine gun in his face and trold him to get back in theb house.  Now he knew he had a real problem. 
     Larry had a ham radio and a big antenna on his roof.  He looked like a spy station to say the least.  The communist put a bomb on his roof right where the antenna was.  And about 12:00 p.m. they blew up his house with his family and friends inside.  Miraculously,  no one was seriously hurt.  The police station only 2 blocks away did not investigate until 10:00 a.m.  the next day.  They were too afraid.  At that point Larry realized that he should move into the capitol were it was safer.  He is still in Guatemala city today.
     The communist shot and killed a mennonite missionary right in front of his wife and kids in another town not far away from the bombing.  This mennonite said that he was going to move when they told him to, but he waited too long and they shot him.  It was such a sad situation. 
     While we were in the U.S.A. in some special meeting,  friends who were staying in our house told us that the communist shot our neighbor across the  street.  And that 3 men with machine guns showed next door looking for a friend of ours.   While a friend was visiting our house they shot a man in the street right in front of our house.   They  girl  who answered the door  grabbed him by the hand and pulled him inside,  and told him to told to be very quite because he was a witness.    Another time he was driving on the freeway in the city , when the van back doors opened to the car in front of him , and the communist dumped a dead body out on the street right in front of him.  He almost hit the dead man.  
     By the time we returned 6 months later , the government  had declared martial law so we moved to Puerto Rico  and spent the next 10 years there.   Guatemala was indeed a weird and strange place.       


Honduras - Rio Tinto-dugout canoe on the ocean at night- not a good idea !!

     While in Honduras, we helped a good friend start a new work in the remote town of Rio 
 Tinto  . His name was Jose Cerrano.  He is one of the smartest black men I know.   He could speak : English, Spanish, Carrabian , Greek, and Hebrew.  He was very poor and lived in a straw  house with a dirt floor.  He was in his 70's  and was a great man to be around .   
     He had waked 8 hours down the coast to the town of Rio Tinto on several occasions .  It is a small town on the coast with no roads to it and no airport.  The only way to get there was by walking nor by boat.   The first couple of times that he went there he was actually stoned and forced to leave.  He wasn't seriously hurt and he wasn't afraid either.  He kept visiting , and little by little had won so many people to the Lord that the only bar in the  town  shut down for lack of business.  Things were going so well he asked me to go with him one weekend in the dugout canoe to have a special dedication service of the new work there. 
     So we went to Rio Tinto.    We drove to the end of the road in the town of Baja Mar.  And got all our things in the 20  foot long hollowed out log (dugout canoe )  .  The sides of the boat are only 18 inches high.  And remember we are going on the ocean not a smooth river.  They had  an outboard motor attached to the back of the boat,  which was better than paddling.  And right from the start we had a problem.   We got the dugout canoe out on the ocean latter in the day than we wanted to.  It was now about 6:00p.m. and the town was about 2 and half hours 
away.    But we went anyway.   Things started out good enough but than it got dark.   And shortly after that a small storm came up.   The waves were now coming over our short boat and  they were filling the boat with water.  We were able to use a paint can to bale it out and stay a float.  It was one of the few times I have been really afraid.  If you think you are a brave person you need to take this test.  Fianally, we made it safe and sound to the town of Rio Tinto..  All went well, and we returned to Puerto Cortez the next day.   I don't mind the canoe - ocean trip in the day time , but that night trip in a storm isn't for me.  Oh, yea, on the way back the motor mount on the back of the boat broke and we almost dropped the motor in the ocean.  Fortunately , the guy holding it was strong enough to hold the running motor even though it was fastened to the boat.   We walked the rest of the way , about 1 1/2 hours.   The others had to paddle the boat back to town.  That took a long time.   Now that was a strange trip in a canoe.

Monday, January 21, 2008


     After we learned spanish in Costa Rica,  we moved to the Central American Country of Honduras.     What a  " Weird and Strange "  place it was.   The people for the most part were very kind and gracious.   But there were also some weirdos.  
     One day, very early in the morning -  about 5:00 a.m. , I heard a man yelling in front of our house, "Father, Father, come quickly!!"  in english .   That was strange because in our small town of Puerto Cortez, Hondursaid , nobody spoke english.  We lived on a dirt road just on the edge of town.     So I got up to see what was the problem.   And here was an american in the middle of the dirt road yelling toward our house.  He was very fearful and upset..  So I opened the door and had him come in to see if we could help this upset man.   He was shaking and very fearful.  He said that he had been in a small town near by with some friends he had met in a bar.   When they started talking about worshiping the Devil in some special ceremonies .   And then he said they took a chicken and sacrificed it to the Devil.  Finally, he left because he  felt that they were going to kill him next.   After praying with him to get saved , I told him to get back on his ship,  he was a merchant marine ,  and don't ever come back here again.   
      We had 2 towns in Honduras which were centers for witchcraft and Devil worship.  I generally  tried to stay away from such places.    Two years later we had the worst natural disaster in the history of Honduras : Hurricane Fifi hit killing over 6,000 people.  All communication were knocked out for 5 weeks.  And the world wide news reports said ,that everybody in our area had been killed.  We were right in the middle of the worst national disaster of the entire history of Honduras.   Our family thought that we were all dead.  And there was no way we could tell them otherwise.  Finally, after 5 weeks we were able to get a telegram to the mission that we were safe and sound.  And they notified our family and churches that we were O.K.   We did lose a truck in the storm trying to rescue some workers.  But I was able to walk in the storm,  about 4 blocks , back to our house.  So then we had no transportation for several months to follow.  
     It is amazing that in the 10 churches we were working with in this area , no one had been killed.  Some of  these people  even floated away inside their houses  in the middle of the night. But all of the church member turned up sooner or later.  
     However, when I went to survey the 2 towns that were the centers for witchcraft and Devil worship , I found that since they were beside rivers,   they were completely covered with 10 feet of sand and dirt.   As I walked over the area were the town had been , all you could see was about 1 foot of the roof sticking above the dirt.   The people were  buried alive in the middle of the night.  It was a terrible sight to see and think about.  Over 6,000 people died.   They never knew what hit them.    What a tragedy !   
     And yet the news outlets, forgot to mention that these 2 towns were the main centers for witchcraft in Honduras.   It is a weird and strange place indeed.        

Sunday, January 20, 2008


      We lived in Costa Rico for one year while we studied Spanish.   And what a year it was.  Costa Rica is a great place to study because it is 4,000 feet high and has a great climate.  It never gets hot and it never get cold.  It stays about 60 degrees to 75 degrees year round.  Durning the rainy season it rains at 12 noon everyday . We always ran home at 11:45 a.m. before it rained. 
      Another student was assigned to help us out and rent an apartment for us before we arrived.  And that was great. It wasn't super great but it was adequate and it was within walking distance of the language school.    After a few months of getting settled we had the opportunity of renting a doctor's very nice apartment above his mothers house. Again it was within walking distance of the language school.  And it was $ 10 a month cheaper .  So we took it.  
     A few months after we moved into this apartment,  the Costa Rican government decided to establish new diplomatic relation with Russia.  And guess what? they bought the house right next door to where we were renting.  So now when we came home there was a guard standing on the street with a machine gun right next door  about 10 feet away.  One day when a friend came to pick us up in his van we heard gun shots outside.  We came out and asked him ," Hey,  what happened?"  He said ," these guards are dangerous.  When the new guard came on duty he took the machine gun from the old guard but he grab it the wrong way .   And it started firing several rounds.  It scared us to death. "  
     We had a psychologist friend and her husband come and visit us while we were in Costa Rica I told them that from their bedroom you could see down into the Russian's back yard.   And some times we would see them walking around in the backyard .  So the wife, who is blond, starting looking out the window to see if she could see the Russians next door.  She couldn't see anything.  So she opened the window and looked out.  She still couldn't see anything.  So she leaned way out of the window.  And all of the sudden here came the Russian ambassador walking in the garden below.  She had leaned so far out of the window that she couldn't get back in quickly so she just waved.    And the Russian ambassador waved back at this crazy blond american hanging out the window. 
      While we were in Costa Rica I saw what a new word really means.  In the south we have a slang expression :" he had a CANIPTION FIT,"  Which, means he went crazy, or did a St Vitus dance, or  he almost jumped out of his skin.   Well, I saw what a 'CANIPTION FIT"   really means.  One night while we were in this very nice apartment, living next door to the Russians,   my wife opened one of the  top cabinets in the kitchen and all of the sudden a mouse jumped out of the cabinet and onto her blouse. Well you guess it "she had a caniption fit."  I mean, I  have never seen such arm waving , foot stomping , head wagging screaming and hollering in my life.  She almost jumped out of her skin.  And it wasn't funny then.  It was down right scary . I am sure she scared the 2 inch mouse as much or more then he scared her.  And they both scared me to death.   It is funny now , but it wasn't then.  It took some time for my wife to calm down .     The last night in Costa Rica  was exciting too.  A little too exciting.   We had now learned Spanish and were flying home to Fla. the next day.  We packed up our things and went to bed.   But at about 2 or 3 in the morning  I heard something metal fall off the table I thought.  So I got up to see what happened. I turned on the light but I didn't see any thing unusual.  So I went back to bed.  The next morning when we got up I saw small pieces of  of wood laying on our bed spread.  And as I looked up there was a hole in the wood ceiling and a bullet laying on the floor right beside my head.  It made a nice dent in the wood floor.   I  told the friend who was taking me to the airport about it.  And he said do not tell the police they will make you stay and have an investigation.  Especially since the Russians live next door.  The last night there and I almost got shot.  Praise the Lord they missed me the last night.  Costa Rica is a weird place and it is real.     

Saturday, January 19, 2008


      One day after making a successful trip to Russia.  Dr Mike Crain said to me as we were flying back to the U.S.A. ," You know, you speak spanish well, so we ought to try to open up a work in CUBA.  The only way we could get into Cuba ( because of the U.S. embargo ) was to take humanitarian aid and go on a special religious visa.   We also had go on a special tour package .  So the following year we went to Cuba.
      On the day of the special tour of Havanna we went to the old government building.  It looks exactly like the congress building in Washington ,D.C.  It had offices on the outside of this large square building , and in the center was a large open garden full of trees and plants.   In the middle of the large garden was a 10 ft. bronze statue of an angel with his fist raised in rebellion to heaven.   I asked our guide ," What is that statue in the garden ?"   "Oh", she said, "that is a statue of Lucifer".   And it was, she wasn't kidding.   How, appropriate , here was Mr. 666 himself standing right in the middle of the building in the capitol of Havanna .   Then, we came to the main entrance which was covered by a large and very high dome  ( like the one in Washington,D.C. )  .  Directly under the center of the dome in the floor was a hugh diamond  set in the concrete under bullet prof  glass.  You could see in clearly but you could not get it.  So again I asked our cuban tour guide,  " What is that in the floor under the glass ?"  " Oh", she said, "that is very important for us here in Cuba.  Everything in Cuba is measured from that diamond. When you see a sign that says ,' 20 miles north.  It is 20 miles north of this diamond in the floor. When you see a sign that a town 40 miles west, it is exactly 40 miles west of the diamond.   We measure everything  from this point where the diamond is. "   Now, most people would not think to much of that.  But one day I was doing an interesting study about "DIAMONDS ".   First, I noticed that there are no "DIAMONDS " in the New Jerusalem in heaven (Rev.21:19, 20, 21 ).  I mentioned that one time while we were in Puerto Rico.  And my son who was studying physics in high school said, "Hey ,dad, I know why there are no Diamonds  in heaven !"  " Ok," son, " tell me why are there no diamonds in heaven ."  "Well," he said,  " First, a diamond is made of carbon.  That is something dead.  Nothing dead will be in heaven.  And second, the atomic number of carbon is "6" and the atomic structure is 6 electrons, 6 protons, and 6 neutrons.  A diamond's atomic structure in 666.  There will not be any 666 in heaven. "  I said that is pretty good I better wright that down.   (  We are very proud of our son, he is very smart,  and he works on the Canadian boarder with home land security.  He and his wife Cathern gave us a first grand daughter -Hannah .   And they are now expecting their second child in June.  We are very happy for them. )    Cuba is a strange place.  
     While on this tour of Havanna , one of our group of 24 americans asked : " Is that the president's palace where Fidel Castro lives ?"  ( Not a good question, in a communist country.)  "No", a tour guide said, " Fidel, lives in 17 houses etc.."  All of them fix breakfast and  all 17 fix  lunch, and all 17 fix supper for him .  He sleeps at a different house every night  and eats at a different house every meal.  No one knows where he will be. "  That is strange.  WHY?  Well, from the time of president Kennedy, the C.I.A.  has had 8 attempts to assassinate  Fidel Castro .  That was declassified information on the History Channel.   But imagine, here is a man who has the  absolute  power of life and death in this country but he is so fearful  that he has to sleep in a different house every night,  and eat at a different  house every meal.  I don't have to do that.  Power is a horrible master.  Cuba is a WIERD AND STRANG PLACE INDEED.   

Friday, January 18, 2008


     While I was in the cancer clinic in Atlanta   ( see the first blog) I followed several of their suggestion and invented what I call,  " THE WHITE DEVIL DIET. "  YES,  I know there are similar things out there, so just let me have my fun in thinking it's original.  It really worked for me :
" I LOST 40 LBS .  IN 60 DAYS.!!"  (1) Not only did I lose 40 lbs.  But I went to one of these free health screening programs at the mall,  and they found (2)I had low blood pressure; (3) and low cholesterol. (3) I also had no diabetic problems and (4) no cancer.   That sounds good to me.
     This is probably the easiest diet to remember.  It is just 2 sets of  3 words : (the 1st set of 3 words ) : "NO WHITE DEVILS";   (THE 2ed set 3 words ) - "WALK  45  MIN. ".    That is the whole diet.  That is how I lost 40 lbs.  in 60 days.   
      Now let me explain.  What does that mean " NO WHITE DEVILS " ?   It means do not eat any  "WHITE DEVILS "  PEROID !!    First, you have to realize that what most of us need is not a diet but a life style change.   This diet will not work very long if you do not change your life style.  I am not on a diet I am changing my life style permanently .  In order for this diet to work for you,  you must be desperate, determined, and disciplined.   Until you are desperate , 
you will not make an effort to change your life style.   It usually takes 8 weeks of forced effort to change any habit.   You have to get in the habit of eating right and exercising right.       
     Now what are these " WHITE DEVILS ?" Do not eat,: White sugar,  White flower, White bread, White milk, White potato , and  White fats.  If it is white stay away.  The only thing white that is really good for you is white cauliflower.   Now you have to not eat any of these for at least 8 weeks to develop the right habit.  It is not cutting down .  It is total abstaining from eating these things.  You say but what do I do when I eat out ? ( I usually eat 10 to 20 different colored veg.  I usually eat at a buffet  for lunch. )   You tell them that you are on a zero carbohydrate  diet and would they please substitute some vegetables  or a salad for those french fries?  They always do for me .  After weeks and weeks of forcing myself to totally abstain from eating junk .   I forgot to tell the waitress to substitute some vegetables for the french fries.   And I was amazed at the real force of a habit.   When she brought the chicken with the french fries ,   I instantly reacted as if some one was trying to poison me.  I jumped back as if attacked and said, " I am sorry, young lady , but I'm on a a zero carb diet.  Would you please take these french fries way and substitute it for some vegetables. "   And she kindly did.  No Problem. 
     The same is true for exercise habits.  I try to walk (low impact ) 45 min. a day.  I walk in our neighborhood from 8 am to 9 am.  The kids are in school and the adults are at work.   When it rains I walk in the mall or on the tread mill.  After weeks and weeks of  making  myself to do this,  I now fell compelled to walk every morning.  As a matter of fact I have to go walk right now.  Remember you have to be "DESPERATE" AND "DETERMINED ".  So let me know when your ready.  Let today be the beginning of your new longer life !!!  

Thursday, January 17, 2008


     My battle with Prostate Cancer has been a long family battle.  But we have won.   About 15 years ago we were working in Puerto Rico when my sister called and told me that my father was dying of Prostate Cancer.  The doctor said that he would not live through the weekend .  And that I should fly back to Ohio right away.   So I flew home right away for the funeral.     
     When I arrived dad was still alive and Hospices was coming every day to give him pain shots.  But the question is how did this happen ? 
      Well, He went to the doctor one day complaining about a pain in his shoulder that just would not go away.   ( It appears that he probably had had Prostate Cancer for several years and it had spread to his bones.  He now had  Prostate Cancer in his bones. ) I stayed there for 30 days and finally had to return to my work in Puert0 Rico .  He died several weeks later.  
     From that time on, I started reading everything I could find about Prostate Cancer.  I realized that I had a natural genetic predisposition for Prostate Cancer .
And had better become  an , " ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN MY OWN GOOD HEALTH"  or I could die of bone cancer just like my father.  
      What did I learn ? (1) You had better do your own home work and not rely just on the doctors opinion.  Doctors are good but they are not omniscience .  (When it comes to Prostate Cancer you would think that we were living in the dark ages.)   I worked in a hospital while I was going to college .  And after 3 years of working in that hospital ,  I realized these doctors are just men.  There are good ones and bad ones.  Some sincere but wrong.  If you do not become an 'ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN YOU OWN GOOD HEALTH"  you will die sooner not latter.  ( 2) You need to have a P S A blood test for Prostate Cancer every year after the age of 50.  ( If you have a family history of Prostate cancer, you should start at age 40. )  - We had one friend whose father had had Prostate Cancer get it at age 30.-  He when to  the  Atlanta clinic and is now cured.-  (3)  Find out what you PSA blood test number is.  ( 1  to 2.75  is normal --
anything above that is a red flag.   They used to say 1 to 4  is normal  but that changed last year 
to 1 to 2.75.   I have always said anything 3 and above is a red flag.  Why should you find out the numbers if your doctor says you are  O.K.   Because I had 3 urologist  tell me I was O.K.  and I had Prostate Cancer at the time.  My PSA was 7 at the time.  (That is not O.K.)  Then another urologist told me I was O.K.  again a year later ( my PSA was now 11- that is really bad .)  But he said I was too young to have Prostate Cancer.   But because I had been doing my homework i insisted that he do a biopsy .   And while he was do the  biopsy  he said it looked good on the ultra sound.  And that he was certain that I did not have cancer..  But he would send it off to the lab just to make sure.  Boy, was he wrong.   It came back positive .  I NOW HAD PROSTATE CANCER FOR CERTAIN !!  Not only Did I have Prostate Cancer but it was an aggressive  ( with a gleason score of 8 ) and advanced Prostate cancer ( 70 % on one side ) .   It was too advanced for surgery.   The doctor said , "there is nothing I can do.  You are in God's hands now. "   
     So what are you going to do now ?   My wife brought home a book called :  "A   Survey of Cancer Survivors".   And it said they usually have certain things in common : (1) They had people praying for them; (2) The had some kind of regular medical treatment - surgery, radiation, or chemo-therapy ; (3) They usually took special vitamins; (4) They changed their eating habits-  more fruits and vegetables- less sugar ,starch and fat. (  From this I developed my special 'WHITE DEVIL DIET  "- WHICH I WILL EXPLAIN LATER ON THIS BLOGG --I LOST 40 LBS. IN 2 MONTHS);   (5) They started  on a regular exercise program. (6) Some did what is called prayer focusing .  What is that ? It is visualizing the cancer in mind and then commanding your body to kill it.  (Or asking you guarding angel to reach into your body and to kill the cancer.  And /or  asking the Holy Spirit in your body to kill that specific cancer.  
     Well, you are dying  so you will what you can to change that.  I did them all.  (1) We had a special service  at our church and the men of the church anoint me with oil and pray for me; (2) I had 3 kinds of radiation at the clinic I recommended--external beam-  radio active seeds implants,  and    conformed beam radiation.  I took all the vitamins they recommended and then some; I invented my White Devil Diet; I walked every day at the indoor mall; And i practiced prayer focusing while I walked in the mall.   It must have worked because I have been caner free for 9 years now.  My PSA blood test for prostate cancer is  "0 ".  I like the number "0".  We may have lost my father to prostate cancer but I'm glad that I am a survivor.  And I thank the Lord for that. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


     I was diagnosed with advanced "Prostate Cancer " 9 years ago.  The doctor said it was 
inoperable and that as a surgeon there was nothing he could do to help me.  He did say that some radiation treatments might help.  But he couldn't guarantee anything.  Then he said," you' are in God's hands now. "  That usually means you are going to die. For two weeks it looked like I would probably die.  You always think you are ready to die until the time comes .  It was a very difficult time for me.   I knew I was going to heaven ( because I've been saved )  but I had a lot of things . I wanted to do before I die.  And my wife wasn't ready to be a widow yet.                 
     Finally, I remembered two men I was in college with 30 years ago.  They had  also had  Prostate Cancer 8 years before this.   One of them ( Tom Woodward ) had died but the other one was still live 8 years later.  So I went to him and asked  him what he did different than Tom Woodward.
     Then he gave me the advice that God used to saved my  life.   What was that advice ?   The same advice I will give you : " (1) Don't let the doctor talk you into surgery ( and ruin the quality of your life-- you could become incontinent , and impotent.  And I know of several men who had surgery and died anyway )  (2) So get your medical records and go to the clinic that has the highest cure record in the world  (  98% cure rate ) (3) Call the clinic and they will help you every way they can.  Medicare will pay for the treatment as well Blue Cross -Blue Shield   etc.
                                        RADIOTHERAPY CLINICS OF GEORGIA      
   main office :              2349 Lawrenceville Highway    
                                       Decature, Georgia  30033    
                                       Tel. (404) 320-1550    toll free : 1-800-9527687 

                         They will send you a free DVD and a booklet on their clinic.            

Please tell them that Dr. Haag sent you to them.  Thank you.     

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bermuda Triangle-U.F.O.'s -Flying Dutchman etc.

     There are indeed other  strange things about this area we call the Bermuda Triangle.  The first recorded record of something strange going on comes from Christopher Columbus in his ship's log 1492.  The history books always mention that his men were terrified and were about to mutiny and force him to return to Portugal.  But they do not tell you why !  If you want to you can check his own hand written log .  In it Christopher Columbus states that, " there were fire balls  flying around the ship one night " and their magnetic compass started spinning wildly.  The men were terrified and wanted to return to Portugal.  Fortunately ,  he was able to convince them to continue on the next day.  
     Then there is the historic record the the king of England. Before he became king he was serving in the Royal Navy.  And one night out of a fog bank the "Ghost Ship - the Flying Dutchman    appeared."   Everyone on board saw it  and he insisted that the captain put it in the ship's log.   After he became King he enjoyed telling this amazing story after dinner to his guest.         Not only do thing appear in the Bermuda Triangle but they also disappear.  Over 1,500 ships have disappeared.  Light house keepers have disappeared.  And several documented cases of air planes have disappeared from the sky.  
      But some of the strangest things that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle deal with  U.F.O.'s .  We lived in Puerto Rico for 10 years and heard some amazing stories.  Because I do a chalk-talk on this subject ( available on video @ Dr. Bill Haag . org. )  people will come up afterwards and tell me about their own personal experiences.  We have a friend named Dr. Emilio Vargas M.D. .  He is a very down to earth guy. He is not emotional at all.  He very educated and he speaks english fluently.  Well, one night I showed a documentary film on the U.F.O.'s in Puerto Rico.  In it they had a reenactment of  a U.F. O. coming down on a hotel the the town of Adjuntas.  (   I showed this movie in Adjuntas and I had 5 people come up afterwards and said that they were there when that happened and it is true.  It happened just like in the movie.)  Afterwards,  Dr. Vargas said to me, " I was in a hotel like that and I saw a U.F.O.  come down on it just like in the movie.  I was there and I saw it with my own eyes."   
       I was in the town of Fajardo, Puert Rico, when a friend of ours ,  Jan Green, said to me,"   "You will not believe what just happened here.  I was standing here looking at the ocean when all of the sudden, a ball of light appeared and floated over the water.  Military planes came to investigate and the ball of light and it went  down into the ocean.   The planes arrive and found nothing so they returned to their base.   And then the light appeared again ( I didn't see it come up out of the water ) it just appeared.  The Navy planes came to investigate again and the light went down into the water again.  I saw it go down into the water but I did not see it come up out of the water.  It just appeared over the same spot.  I sat and watched this for 30 min. Then it disappeared.  It just happened a few minutes before you got here."  
     I was in the town of  Ponce, Puerto Rico one day when one of the Pastors told me that he use to play in a professional band .   And one night a U.F.O.  came down right beside their car.  They actually thought that it had hit their car .   So they stopped to see what the damages were.   He said, " there were 4 of us in the car .  And we all saw it too well."   
     I  have  not ever seen a U.F.O.  myself  but I know some very reliable people who have.   
There are a lot of strange things that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle to some very normal people.   Weird and strange places are real.        

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Bermuda Triangle is a real and Strange place

     I lived in the Bermuda Triangle for 10 years.   And a lot of strange things happened there.           First, you must realize that there are some scientific things about the Bermwhileda Triangle that make it different. (1) The magnetic compass doesn't work right in that area.  They don't know why, but the magnetic compass points to true north not magnetic north .   This can cause some serious problems with the  navigation of ships and planes.   And cause them to get lost  an crash.    ( Note: "tape relay systems from soace mission often malfunction over the Triangle area." )
  (2)The deepest place in all the Atlantic is in the Bermuda Triangle: it is the Puerto Rican Trench  it is 5.2 miles deep. ( on the opposite side of the Earth  side of the Earth --in the Dragon's Triangle,  we will deal with that latter, is the deepest place in the Pacific .  It is called the Marianna Trench .  And it is 6.8  miles deep.)  There are 2 of these " DEEP" places (Ps.42:7).          (3) Most "Hurricanes " start  or travel through  this area.  The word "Hurricane"  is not an english word.   Where did this word come from.  Well, while Cristpher Columbus was here a hurricane hit and almost sunk his ships.   He asked the native indians ,      "What was that, terrible wind? "  Oh, that was ,"Hunraken ". ( In the ancient Mayan culkture the greatest god was the sun god.  But there was another god just below him--"Hunraken" who was the god of the storm. This is where we get our word "Hurricane".   The Mayans would sacrifice a young woman every year to "Hunraken" by throwing her into a sinkhole.   A  brave young warior would jump in after her to escort her to the land of "Hunraken".  The natives would then cast precious object of art and gold  into the waters to get special favors from "Hunraken."   Hurricanes are very desrtuctive. We live in Pensacola ,Fla.  And Katrina really caused a lot of problems all along the Gulf coast.   In 1938 a Hurricane destroyed 6,938 churches.   It is so bad that July 25 has been set aside in the U.S. Virgin Islands as a special day of prayer for deliverance from such storms.  There are 2 books on the Bermuda Triangle : one is by Charles Berlitz called, "The Bermuda Triangle"  and there is another book called ," The Bible and the Bermuda  Triangle."  I don't remember the author.  I have read both and they are very interesting.    (4) One ship's captain said that he had traveled all over the world but  the Bermuda Triangle has the most intense unusual "lightning ". (5)  The Bermuda Triangle is the exclusive area for ells to spone in. (6)  And it is on the Horse latitude.  
       There are other things about this strange area we call the Bermuda Triangle.