Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guns are a good thing if you have one...

       While we were in Guatemala, we learned that guns are a good thing if you have one.   We have an American friend who lived next door to us in Guatemala city.   One day about noon a robber jumped over her 8 foot fence.  She came out of their trailer  with a hand gun and told him to please just jump back over the  fence and get out of her yard.   The robber said no he would not.  (I guess he thought the dumb American woman didn't know how to use the pistol .  He was wrong.)   So our friend took a shot at the ground very near him.  And he changed his mind real fast and jumped back over the fence.   
     I remember one night,  some one was breaking into someone's house, and all of the sudden I heard a gun shot.  So the friend who was visiting us and I   ran into the street to see what was going on.  Boy, what a sight !   All my nice neighbors,   who were so prim and proper ,  came running into the street armed to the teeth.  I've never seen so many guns.   
     I believe if you take all the guns away,  then only the criminals will have guns.  And that is a bad situation.   
     We have a friend who was going to show a movie in a church in Guatemala city one night.  He asked a passer by how to get to the subdivision :" 5th of JUNE".   The person said," Oh, you can't go there . That a very dangerous place."    "Yes," he said , "I am suppose to show a movie there tonight."   Next, he asked a policeman how to get to  this subdivision.  Again the policeman told him he shouldn't go there because it was a very dangerous place.  Finally, he arrived at the subdivision.   After being warned two times he felt it best to carefully walk to the church before taking his movie projector etc.   As he walked down a dark ally,  he heard a man step out behind him .  And then another man step out in front of him and was coming toward him  .  He thought this is bad , I am surrounded.  Now he could hear the man behind him running toward him.  So he turned around just in time to prevent the man from hitting him in the head.   He ran back up the ally and turned and took one shot in the air to discourage any future attacks.  The shot in the air  was good enough to prevent any more problems.   A gun is a good thing if you are the one who has it. 

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I totally agree with you .