Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bermuda Triangle-U.F.O.'s -Flying Dutchman etc.

     There are indeed other  strange things about this area we call the Bermuda Triangle.  The first recorded record of something strange going on comes from Christopher Columbus in his ship's log 1492.  The history books always mention that his men were terrified and were about to mutiny and force him to return to Portugal.  But they do not tell you why !  If you want to you can check his own hand written log .  In it Christopher Columbus states that, " there were fire balls  flying around the ship one night " and their magnetic compass started spinning wildly.  The men were terrified and wanted to return to Portugal.  Fortunately ,  he was able to convince them to continue on the next day.  
     Then there is the historic record the the king of England. Before he became king he was serving in the Royal Navy.  And one night out of a fog bank the "Ghost Ship - the Flying Dutchman    appeared."   Everyone on board saw it  and he insisted that the captain put it in the ship's log.   After he became King he enjoyed telling this amazing story after dinner to his guest.         Not only do thing appear in the Bermuda Triangle but they also disappear.  Over 1,500 ships have disappeared.  Light house keepers have disappeared.  And several documented cases of air planes have disappeared from the sky.  
      But some of the strangest things that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle deal with  U.F.O.'s .  We lived in Puerto Rico for 10 years and heard some amazing stories.  Because I do a chalk-talk on this subject ( available on video @ Dr. Bill Haag . org. )  people will come up afterwards and tell me about their own personal experiences.  We have a friend named Dr. Emilio Vargas M.D. .  He is a very down to earth guy. He is not emotional at all.  He very educated and he speaks english fluently.  Well, one night I showed a documentary film on the U.F.O.'s in Puerto Rico.  In it they had a reenactment of  a U.F. O. coming down on a hotel the the town of Adjuntas.  (   I showed this movie in Adjuntas and I had 5 people come up afterwards and said that they were there when that happened and it is true.  It happened just like in the movie.)  Afterwards,  Dr. Vargas said to me, " I was in a hotel like that and I saw a U.F.O.  come down on it just like in the movie.  I was there and I saw it with my own eyes."   
       I was in the town of Fajardo, Puert Rico, when a friend of ours ,  Jan Green, said to me,"   "You will not believe what just happened here.  I was standing here looking at the ocean when all of the sudden, a ball of light appeared and floated over the water.  Military planes came to investigate and the ball of light and it went  down into the ocean.   The planes arrive and found nothing so they returned to their base.   And then the light appeared again ( I didn't see it come up out of the water ) it just appeared.  The Navy planes came to investigate again and the light went down into the water again.  I saw it go down into the water but I did not see it come up out of the water.  It just appeared over the same spot.  I sat and watched this for 30 min. Then it disappeared.  It just happened a few minutes before you got here."  
     I was in the town of  Ponce, Puerto Rico one day when one of the Pastors told me that he use to play in a professional band .   And one night a U.F.O.  came down right beside their car.  They actually thought that it had hit their car .   So they stopped to see what the damages were.   He said, " there were 4 of us in the car .  And we all saw it too well."   
     I  have  not ever seen a U.F.O.  myself  but I know some very reliable people who have.   
There are a lot of strange things that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle to some very normal people.   Weird and strange places are real.        

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Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

Sure Zachariah 5 is UFO (esp. second part)?

My first reaction about sth that is the eye and up between heaven and earth as a vessel was - communication satellites.

I asked a priest, he told me I could use internet reasonably, it is neither good or bad in itself.

My second reaction after that referred to Pan-Am girls (Catholic commentary in drbo.org has eye=as in what one looks at, and if wing breadth is taken into account, 20 by 10 cubits is feasible for an airplane).