Wednesday, January 16, 2008


     I was diagnosed with advanced "Prostate Cancer " 9 years ago.  The doctor said it was 
inoperable and that as a surgeon there was nothing he could do to help me.  He did say that some radiation treatments might help.  But he couldn't guarantee anything.  Then he said," you' are in God's hands now. "  That usually means you are going to die. For two weeks it looked like I would probably die.  You always think you are ready to die until the time comes .  It was a very difficult time for me.   I knew I was going to heaven ( because I've been saved )  but I had a lot of things . I wanted to do before I die.  And my wife wasn't ready to be a widow yet.                 
     Finally, I remembered two men I was in college with 30 years ago.  They had  also had  Prostate Cancer 8 years before this.   One of them ( Tom Woodward ) had died but the other one was still live 8 years later.  So I went to him and asked  him what he did different than Tom Woodward.
     Then he gave me the advice that God used to saved my  life.   What was that advice ?   The same advice I will give you : " (1) Don't let the doctor talk you into surgery ( and ruin the quality of your life-- you could become incontinent , and impotent.  And I know of several men who had surgery and died anyway )  (2) So get your medical records and go to the clinic that has the highest cure record in the world  (  98% cure rate ) (3) Call the clinic and they will help you every way they can.  Medicare will pay for the treatment as well Blue Cross -Blue Shield   etc.
                                        RADIOTHERAPY CLINICS OF GEORGIA      
   main office :              2349 Lawrenceville Highway    
                                       Decature, Georgia  30033    
                                       Tel. (404) 320-1550    toll free : 1-800-9527687 

                         They will send you a free DVD and a booklet on their clinic.            

Please tell them that Dr. Haag sent you to them.  Thank you.     

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