Thursday, January 17, 2008


     My battle with Prostate Cancer has been a long family battle.  But we have won.   About 15 years ago we were working in Puerto Rico when my sister called and told me that my father was dying of Prostate Cancer.  The doctor said that he would not live through the weekend .  And that I should fly back to Ohio right away.   So I flew home right away for the funeral.     
     When I arrived dad was still alive and Hospices was coming every day to give him pain shots.  But the question is how did this happen ? 
      Well, He went to the doctor one day complaining about a pain in his shoulder that just would not go away.   ( It appears that he probably had had Prostate Cancer for several years and it had spread to his bones.  He now had  Prostate Cancer in his bones. ) I stayed there for 30 days and finally had to return to my work in Puert0 Rico .  He died several weeks later.  
     From that time on, I started reading everything I could find about Prostate Cancer.  I realized that I had a natural genetic predisposition for Prostate Cancer .
And had better become  an , " ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN MY OWN GOOD HEALTH"  or I could die of bone cancer just like my father.  
      What did I learn ? (1) You had better do your own home work and not rely just on the doctors opinion.  Doctors are good but they are not omniscience .  (When it comes to Prostate Cancer you would think that we were living in the dark ages.)   I worked in a hospital while I was going to college .  And after 3 years of working in that hospital ,  I realized these doctors are just men.  There are good ones and bad ones.  Some sincere but wrong.  If you do not become an 'ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN YOU OWN GOOD HEALTH"  you will die sooner not latter.  ( 2) You need to have a P S A blood test for Prostate Cancer every year after the age of 50.  ( If you have a family history of Prostate cancer, you should start at age 40. )  - We had one friend whose father had had Prostate Cancer get it at age 30.-  He when to  the  Atlanta clinic and is now cured.-  (3)  Find out what you PSA blood test number is.  ( 1  to 2.75  is normal --
anything above that is a red flag.   They used to say 1 to 4  is normal  but that changed last year 
to 1 to 2.75.   I have always said anything 3 and above is a red flag.  Why should you find out the numbers if your doctor says you are  O.K.   Because I had 3 urologist  tell me I was O.K.  and I had Prostate Cancer at the time.  My PSA was 7 at the time.  (That is not O.K.)  Then another urologist told me I was O.K.  again a year later ( my PSA was now 11- that is really bad .)  But he said I was too young to have Prostate Cancer.   But because I had been doing my homework i insisted that he do a biopsy .   And while he was do the  biopsy  he said it looked good on the ultra sound.  And that he was certain that I did not have cancer..  But he would send it off to the lab just to make sure.  Boy, was he wrong.   It came back positive .  I NOW HAD PROSTATE CANCER FOR CERTAIN !!  Not only Did I have Prostate Cancer but it was an aggressive  ( with a gleason score of 8 ) and advanced Prostate cancer ( 70 % on one side ) .   It was too advanced for surgery.   The doctor said , "there is nothing I can do.  You are in God's hands now. "   
     So what are you going to do now ?   My wife brought home a book called :  "A   Survey of Cancer Survivors".   And it said they usually have certain things in common : (1) They had people praying for them; (2) The had some kind of regular medical treatment - surgery, radiation, or chemo-therapy ; (3) They usually took special vitamins; (4) They changed their eating habits-  more fruits and vegetables- less sugar ,starch and fat. (  From this I developed my special 'WHITE DEVIL DIET  "- WHICH I WILL EXPLAIN LATER ON THIS BLOGG --I LOST 40 LBS. IN 2 MONTHS);   (5) They started  on a regular exercise program. (6) Some did what is called prayer focusing .  What is that ? It is visualizing the cancer in mind and then commanding your body to kill it.  (Or asking you guarding angel to reach into your body and to kill the cancer.  And /or  asking the Holy Spirit in your body to kill that specific cancer.  
     Well, you are dying  so you will what you can to change that.  I did them all.  (1) We had a special service  at our church and the men of the church anoint me with oil and pray for me; (2) I had 3 kinds of radiation at the clinic I recommended--external beam-  radio active seeds implants,  and    conformed beam radiation.  I took all the vitamins they recommended and then some; I invented my White Devil Diet; I walked every day at the indoor mall; And i practiced prayer focusing while I walked in the mall.   It must have worked because I have been caner free for 9 years now.  My PSA blood test for prostate cancer is  "0 ".  I like the number "0".  We may have lost my father to prostate cancer but I'm glad that I am a survivor.  And I thank the Lord for that. 

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