Friday, January 18, 2008


     While I was in the cancer clinic in Atlanta   ( see the first blog) I followed several of their suggestion and invented what I call,  " THE WHITE DEVIL DIET. "  YES,  I know there are similar things out there, so just let me have my fun in thinking it's original.  It really worked for me :
" I LOST 40 LBS .  IN 60 DAYS.!!"  (1) Not only did I lose 40 lbs.  But I went to one of these free health screening programs at the mall,  and they found (2)I had low blood pressure; (3) and low cholesterol. (3) I also had no diabetic problems and (4) no cancer.   That sounds good to me.
     This is probably the easiest diet to remember.  It is just 2 sets of  3 words : (the 1st set of 3 words ) : "NO WHITE DEVILS";   (THE 2ed set 3 words ) - "WALK  45  MIN. ".    That is the whole diet.  That is how I lost 40 lbs.  in 60 days.   
      Now let me explain.  What does that mean " NO WHITE DEVILS " ?   It means do not eat any  "WHITE DEVILS "  PEROID !!    First, you have to realize that what most of us need is not a diet but a life style change.   This diet will not work very long if you do not change your life style.  I am not on a diet I am changing my life style permanently .  In order for this diet to work for you,  you must be desperate, determined, and disciplined.   Until you are desperate , 
you will not make an effort to change your life style.   It usually takes 8 weeks of forced effort to change any habit.   You have to get in the habit of eating right and exercising right.       
     Now what are these " WHITE DEVILS ?" Do not eat,: White sugar,  White flower, White bread, White milk, White potato , and  White fats.  If it is white stay away.  The only thing white that is really good for you is white cauliflower.   Now you have to not eat any of these for at least 8 weeks to develop the right habit.  It is not cutting down .  It is total abstaining from eating these things.  You say but what do I do when I eat out ? ( I usually eat 10 to 20 different colored veg.  I usually eat at a buffet  for lunch. )   You tell them that you are on a zero carbohydrate  diet and would they please substitute some vegetables  or a salad for those french fries?  They always do for me .  After weeks and weeks of forcing myself to totally abstain from eating junk .   I forgot to tell the waitress to substitute some vegetables for the french fries.   And I was amazed at the real force of a habit.   When she brought the chicken with the french fries ,   I instantly reacted as if some one was trying to poison me.  I jumped back as if attacked and said, " I am sorry, young lady , but I'm on a a zero carb diet.  Would you please take these french fries way and substitute it for some vegetables. "   And she kindly did.  No Problem. 
     The same is true for exercise habits.  I try to walk (low impact ) 45 min. a day.  I walk in our neighborhood from 8 am to 9 am.  The kids are in school and the adults are at work.   When it rains I walk in the mall or on the tread mill.  After weeks and weeks of  making  myself to do this,  I now fell compelled to walk every morning.  As a matter of fact I have to go walk right now.  Remember you have to be "DESPERATE" AND "DETERMINED ".  So let me know when your ready.  Let today be the beginning of your new longer life !!!  

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