Saturday, January 19, 2008


      One day after making a successful trip to Russia.  Dr Mike Crain said to me as we were flying back to the U.S.A. ," You know, you speak spanish well, so we ought to try to open up a work in CUBA.  The only way we could get into Cuba ( because of the U.S. embargo ) was to take humanitarian aid and go on a special religious visa.   We also had go on a special tour package .  So the following year we went to Cuba.
      On the day of the special tour of Havanna we went to the old government building.  It looks exactly like the congress building in Washington ,D.C.  It had offices on the outside of this large square building , and in the center was a large open garden full of trees and plants.   In the middle of the large garden was a 10 ft. bronze statue of an angel with his fist raised in rebellion to heaven.   I asked our guide ," What is that statue in the garden ?"   "Oh", she said, "that is a statue of Lucifer".   And it was, she wasn't kidding.   How, appropriate , here was Mr. 666 himself standing right in the middle of the building in the capitol of Havanna .   Then, we came to the main entrance which was covered by a large and very high dome  ( like the one in Washington,D.C. )  .  Directly under the center of the dome in the floor was a hugh diamond  set in the concrete under bullet prof  glass.  You could see in clearly but you could not get it.  So again I asked our cuban tour guide,  " What is that in the floor under the glass ?"  " Oh", she said, "that is very important for us here in Cuba.  Everything in Cuba is measured from that diamond. When you see a sign that says ,' 20 miles north.  It is 20 miles north of this diamond in the floor. When you see a sign that a town 40 miles west, it is exactly 40 miles west of the diamond.   We measure everything  from this point where the diamond is. "   Now, most people would not think to much of that.  But one day I was doing an interesting study about "DIAMONDS ".   First, I noticed that there are no "DIAMONDS " in the New Jerusalem in heaven (Rev.21:19, 20, 21 ).  I mentioned that one time while we were in Puerto Rico.  And my son who was studying physics in high school said, "Hey ,dad, I know why there are no Diamonds  in heaven !"  " Ok," son, " tell me why are there no diamonds in heaven ."  "Well," he said,  " First, a diamond is made of carbon.  That is something dead.  Nothing dead will be in heaven.  And second, the atomic number of carbon is "6" and the atomic structure is 6 electrons, 6 protons, and 6 neutrons.  A diamond's atomic structure in 666.  There will not be any 666 in heaven. "  I said that is pretty good I better wright that down.   (  We are very proud of our son, he is very smart,  and he works on the Canadian boarder with home land security.  He and his wife Cathern gave us a first grand daughter -Hannah .   And they are now expecting their second child in June.  We are very happy for them. )    Cuba is a strange place.  
     While on this tour of Havanna , one of our group of 24 americans asked : " Is that the president's palace where Fidel Castro lives ?"  ( Not a good question, in a communist country.)  "No", a tour guide said, " Fidel, lives in 17 houses etc.."  All of them fix breakfast and  all 17 fix  lunch, and all 17 fix supper for him .  He sleeps at a different house every night  and eats at a different house every meal.  No one knows where he will be. "  That is strange.  WHY?  Well, from the time of president Kennedy, the C.I.A.  has had 8 attempts to assassinate  Fidel Castro .  That was declassified information on the History Channel.   But imagine, here is a man who has the  absolute  power of life and death in this country but he is so fearful  that he has to sleep in a different house every night,  and eat at a different  house every meal.  I don't have to do that.  Power is a horrible master.  Cuba is a WIERD AND STRANG PLACE INDEED.   

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