Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Bermuda Triangle is a real and Strange place

     I lived in the Bermuda Triangle for 10 years.   And a lot of strange things happened there.           First, you must realize that there are some scientific things about the Bermwhileda Triangle that make it different. (1) The magnetic compass doesn't work right in that area.  They don't know why, but the magnetic compass points to true north not magnetic north .   This can cause some serious problems with the  navigation of ships and planes.   And cause them to get lost  an crash.    ( Note: "tape relay systems from soace mission often malfunction over the Triangle area." )
  (2)The deepest place in all the Atlantic is in the Bermuda Triangle: it is the Puerto Rican Trench  it is 5.2 miles deep. ( on the opposite side of the Earth  side of the Earth --in the Dragon's Triangle,  we will deal with that latter, is the deepest place in the Pacific .  It is called the Marianna Trench .  And it is 6.8  miles deep.)  There are 2 of these " DEEP" places (Ps.42:7).          (3) Most "Hurricanes " start  or travel through  this area.  The word "Hurricane"  is not an english word.   Where did this word come from.  Well, while Cristpher Columbus was here a hurricane hit and almost sunk his ships.   He asked the native indians ,      "What was that, terrible wind? "  Oh, that was ,"Hunraken ". ( In the ancient Mayan culkture the greatest god was the sun god.  But there was another god just below him--"Hunraken" who was the god of the storm. This is where we get our word "Hurricane".   The Mayans would sacrifice a young woman every year to "Hunraken" by throwing her into a sinkhole.   A  brave young warior would jump in after her to escort her to the land of "Hunraken".  The natives would then cast precious object of art and gold  into the waters to get special favors from "Hunraken."   Hurricanes are very desrtuctive. We live in Pensacola ,Fla.  And Katrina really caused a lot of problems all along the Gulf coast.   In 1938 a Hurricane destroyed 6,938 churches.   It is so bad that July 25 has been set aside in the U.S. Virgin Islands as a special day of prayer for deliverance from such storms.  There are 2 books on the Bermuda Triangle : one is by Charles Berlitz called, "The Bermuda Triangle"  and there is another book called ," The Bible and the Bermuda  Triangle."  I don't remember the author.  I have read both and they are very interesting.    (4) One ship's captain said that he had traveled all over the world but  the Bermuda Triangle has the most intense unusual "lightning ". (5)  The Bermuda Triangle is the exclusive area for ells to spone in. (6)  And it is on the Horse latitude.  
       There are other things about this strange area we call the Bermuda Triangle. 

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