Monday, February 4, 2008


WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF INVISIBLE PAINTING!!   Here is one of the lights I use with my invisible paintings. It is a disco color bank of lights.  ( Sorry the words are backwards , the camera does that.)  I superimpose the lights over the invisible painting.  I have 2 sets so that I can have : 1 -red & yellow light set for hot colors; and a blue  & green light set for COLD COLORS... as needed.  ( cost $ 59.00 at a D.J. lighting store.)
This is a new RAINBOW LIGHT projector.  I use this with the INVISIBLE PAINTING of some clouds . The black light makes the clouds appear then I hit the switch and amazingly the light rainbow appears. ( $  tel. 1-888-742-2484 .) 
This is an inexpensive ceiling projector for the INVISIBLE PAINTING on the ceiling. ( Actually this is  THE UNDERWATER LIGHT SHOW--$19.95 WAL-MART--)  I NOTICED WHEN I PUT THE BATTERIES IN IT ,THAT IT MADE AN EXCELLENT  INVISIBLE PAINTING ON THE CEILING. So I have been using it ever since. The above photo is my ceiling in my house.  
( from: www. )

This what the package looks like in Wal-Mart.
I am now working on a LASER LIGHT- INVISIBLE PAINTING...This is a $ 15.00 lazer light from SPENCERS in the MALL. I project a lazer pattern on the Invisible painting.
This another light projector for the invisible painting on the ceiling.
Here I used FLOURESCENT crayons  which are invisible until you turn on the black light. 
( These are found in a regular box of crayons at Wal-Mart.  There are about 5 FLOURESCENT CRAYONS only in the box of 96 crayons.  The box of 120 crayons and 150 crayons have about 20 flourescent crayons in them.  And the crayons are the only place I have ' FLOURESCENT BROWN " Etc.)  I also used flourescent clothe paint for the blue in the water.  And INVISIBLE CHALK- (prayed afterwards with a fixative spray.) for the purple around the moon.  


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