Tuesday, February 5, 2008


INVISIBLE PAINTINGS & special effects : Flourescent paint, invisible paint, and "FIRE LIGHTS."   As I mentioned before I sometimes have real fire appear in the painting.  (SEE EARLIER BLOGS.)  But every day almost,  I use these 2 different "FIRE LIGHTS".  This fire light is promoted for D.J.'s special light effects.  But what I do with it is much more dramatic.  
I paint an invisible painting, turn on the black light (it is now more dramatic );then I turn on the flame light and the painting comes alive: SUPER DRAMATIC....AMAZING !!!! (  YES. I know the words are backwards , the computer camera does that. ) The manufacture suggest use a totally black background BUT IT WORKS BETTER ON A BLACK LIGHT PAINTING. (Made by :Martin--www.martin.com --called : MANIA "FLAME LIGHT".  Cost about :$ 65.00. )
THE 2ED FIRE LIGHT: IS A D.V.D. called " Radiant Fireplace 2"--LIVING ART--BY MOOD DISTRIBUTORS,INC.  ( Cost at Apple Barrel about: $ 12.00 .) I project this on to the black light painting  with my video projector and the lake of fire comes alive.   This creates a double surprise  at the end.   AMAZING !!!!  
  ( YOU CAN SEE HOW I DID THIS IN OUR NEW VIDEO ON "YOUTUBE": look for : cannel -WARN EVERY ONE-- and our new video is: " Pirates of the Caribbean ".  The fire is in part 2.  
On the left side of these 2 pictures is a real cloud  D.V.D. that runs continuously .( Cost of about $ 12.00 Apple Barrel .)  I paint a cloud painting to closely match the D.V.D.  with FLOURESCENT CHALK & PAINT, then I turn on the cloud D.V.D. video and the painting comes alive.. This is very dramatic.  ....AMAZING !!
In the photo below, is a green laser star projector,  I project this on to the ceiling & onto the painting for special effects.  It is very dramatic.

So here we have lights projected onto the ceiling with INVISIBLE PAINTING or onto the painting on the board.  This creates a very dramatic and surprising effect.. The invisible painting not only "GLOW IN THE DARK"  but the painting also "COMES A LIVE ".  


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