Saturday, February 9, 2008


The top left painting is a snow painting: The  American Indians and the "Teachings of the Snow".    I start  out by making it snow inside the building. THIS MAKES MY PAINTING  3-DEMENTIONAL !!! IT COMES ALIVE !!!  Everybody loves it !  David Copperfield does this as his spectacular end of his program in Las Vegas each night. It is called the Chinese snow storm".  You can buy or order  "THE CHINESE SNOW STORM" from any magic shop.So how does he make it snow inside ?  I have 4 different ways that I make it snow INSIDE :
1.The regular way: with a hand fan or electric fan and the small  snow packages in photo #3  
     ( This cost about  $ 3.00. It is very cheap.)
2. I had 1 to 4 teenage boys sitting in the audiance with the "PAINTBALL GUNS" HIT IN                 THEIR COATS..  I would light & throw a piece of "FLASH PAPER" into the air,  they whould      shoot the paintball guns  and snow would come down everywhere.( These guns-pistols-$29 )  
3. In the photo below is my snow book, very easy to use.  It has a snow cannon inside ($ 80.00) 
     I made this from a hollow book ( for candy ) see photo below.
The photo below shows the snow cannon mounted inside the hollow book.  You can use any book.
I had a Santa Clause at a Christmas party light the "FLASH PAPER " and I shot the cannon and down came the snow everywhere.  And he asked me ," How did I do that ?" I told him it's magic
4.When I did this at our house some of the snow landed on the top side of our ceiling fan and when we turned it on the snow came down (small white pieces of paper). So number 4 is if there is a ceiling fan , you can use it to make it snow inside.  Before anyone gets there put the snow on top of the fan.  I did this in a restaurant Christmas party.  My wife sat by the fan electric switch  and when I threw the "FLASH PAPER" into the air, she turned on the fan and it started to snow.  No one ever figured it out.  So make your SNOW PAINTINGS -3-D .   


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