Thursday, February 7, 2008


             WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF INVISIBLE PAINTING !!!                                                     The picture above is a good example of invisible painting.  The top 2 pictures are white light.  And the bottom picture is black light.  This was achieved with regular Crayola crayons ( the box of 120 crayons -has 20 flourescent crayons in it )  the box doesn't tell you that BUT IT IS TRUE.  I found this painting color copied onto this afgan and then colored over it with the crayons and some clothe paint.  Unfortunatle as great as the crayons are for doing an invisible painting,  there is NO BLUE FLOURESCENT CRAYONS in the crayon line.  So I had to use FLORESCENT BLUE PAINT  ( found in Wal-Mart in the craft section-" fabric paint-" )  It is amazing how invisible the crayons REALLY ARE when you put them on the clothe.  But you can see it clearly in the above pictures.    Below is a picture I did for the 4th of July at a camp.
The next thing you need to learn is : HOW DO YOU PAINT " INVISIBLE BLACK LINES " on a   on white canvass ??  And make the black lines  invisible on a white canvass.  Here is how :            (1) White clothe is usually flourescent ( because of an enzyme they use in the bleaching of white clothe ) (2) BUT white chalk, white paint, and white crayons are not usually flourescent.     (3) Therefore, when you paint white paint on a white clothe canvass it is (A) invisible with white light BUT (B) the white paint becomes a BLACK LINE  on the white clothe with a black light.  This creates a very dramatic effect in your presentation.  (C) The same is true of regular WHITE CHALK AND WHITE CRAYONS  they all become a black line on the white clothe.           (NOTE: a WHITE PAINTED CANVASS does not work this way,  only a regular bleached white clothe.  So a canvass from the art store will not produce this effect. )
The above picture of the Statue of Liberty is a good example of the White paint, white chalk, and white crayons becoming black lines with a black light.  

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